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Grupo Protexa is comprised by a group of companies that have been a forefront example of struggle and perseverance.

Due to the success and the transcendence of its projects, Grupo Protexa is today an essential part of Mexico’s productive column, positioning itself among the most important companies within the global market of the contemporary world.


The activities of Grupo Protexa go back to 1945, when a small business was established in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, producing and applying roofing products for residential and industrial purposes.

In 1955 Protexa stepped into the Building Industry, achieving contracts for the laying of oil and gas piping.

Our international experience began in 1960, with the installation of Industrial Plants in Colombia; and, later, in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela and Italy.

The experience of Protexa in oil piping laying and oil drilling resulted in the subsequent implementation of more complex works of engineering for the transportation of water, gas, oil, and any other fluid, on any type of area or surface, including sea, swamps or rivers. This has granted Protexa great acknowledgment in Mexico, Latin America, the United States and Asia.

It is remarkable to mention the 23,000 kilometers of inland piping laid off in Latin America; an equivalent distance of 1.8 times the diameter of the Earth.

Our experience has given us the knowledge, the prestige, and the specialization of our human resources; the most important strength of Grupo Protexa.



Offering goods and services that meet and exceed the expectations of each one of our domestic and international clients.


To transcend globally, through actions, work, and social responsibility; in order to promote sustainable development to provide a better quality of life for future generations.


Being honest, respectful, responsible and committed with our work. We visualize integrity as the way we treat our clients, colleges, and the way we make our everyday decisions.

Customer Satisfaction.
Exceeding the expectations of our clients in time and quality as our compromise to help them become more successful.

Being faithful to the company, to its principles, and, especially, to its clients; working in a clear, objective and impartial way.

Human and professional quality.
Promoting integral development of its personnel, so they can stand out for their own merits.

Understood as the firm and perseverant determination towards everybody’s benefit, inside and outside the company.

Compromising to the care of the environment. We take responsibility of our actions and we promote the effective use of the resources, for the benefit of society, through our products, services, activities, and by the involvement and participation within communities.